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Lessons from a Fox

“A fox went out on a starry night”, there is some poignancy to the old lyric. We observe most fox activity in our lambing fields when the dark sky is a glitter and the night’s air is unruffled. On nights such as these the old fray between sleep deprived shepherd and...

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Meet the Lambs at Easter

One of the best sights at Easter on the farm is to watch baby lambs bounce and gallop around their paddock in the late afternoon into early evening. At this time of day the lambs start to cavort about, gathering in gangs to bounce and charge around the place. This...

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The 10th of February is from now on always going to be an incredibly sad day for the rest of our lives. The 10th of February is when my bestest friend and co-director of Village Farm, Tim died in a horrific tractor accident. We’re all still trying to adjust to his...

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A badger friendly farm, wishes to say thank you.

What an incredible three weeks of September we’ve experienced. On the 1st of the month we hit rock bottom with the devastating news that our farm is positioned in the middle of the new South Devon badger cull zone. All the evidence keeps proving that these culls are...

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The Village Farm Bees

An update from our beekeeper Emily. I can’t believe it has been just over a year since I joined Village Farm as the beekeeper. There were three hives when I started in June and 13 months on we now have 30 hives. I’ll allow you to insert the well-worn phrases on...

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How Our Sheep Help Falcons To Hunt

One of the core values of Village Farm is that we view domestic and wild with equal importance and respect. In other words we view the sheep, pigs and goats as interwoven and integral parts of the diverse ecological web of life at Village Farm. A great example of this...

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How We’re Fighting Climate Change On The Farm.

There are two ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a farm; the first and most obvious way is by reducing the farm business’ use of fossil fuel so curtailing the farm’s carbon emissions. When we first took on Village Farm we purposely decided to de-mechanise the farm...

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The Larks Home

When running a farm, it’s easy to view all of the land as a resource to utilise purely for our own financial gain. Well we grew it, we nurtured it, it’s our property therefore we’re fully entitled to use it how we wish.   But did we actually grow it?  The honest...

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Barbed wire, Bambi and Johnny 5.

One of the several jobs we’ve worked on this last winter into spring is the mass removal of kilometre after kilometre after kilometre of barbed wire fence. Barbed wire is so ubiquitous on farmland; it’s the easy cheap put up to enclose cattle. But two of my farmer pet...

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Saving Orchids.

With lambing at it’s end we’ve moved the flock out of our lambing fields, which are on the high flat part of the farm that we call ‘Hilltop’ (this area has now been left to the skylarks to build their nests and raise their young).   The flock is now grazing the steep...

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Tree Planting & Woodland Design

Well, Beltane has arrived, spring is slowly gathering pace here on the farm and lambing season is in full swing. Whilst for our shepherds spring is characterised by sleep deprivation, the emergence of new lives and sheer hard work, for the woodsmen it signals the end...

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Living with Ravens

Animosity and admiration in equal measure. Lambing season and we’ve not had issue with the traditional farmer’s foe the maligned and misunderstood fox; instead our opponent comes from the sky, the coastal raven. Acute eyed, ever patrolling they never miss a beat. They...

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Language is the landscape we breathe.

The words in our language reflect our daily interactions with the world that surrounds us. For instance, today in our sedentary indoor environment of global communication, we use multiple verbs to short-hand the posting of an image on social media, so we can tweet it,...

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Coming To Terms With Mud.

Mud, working in it most days I wouldn’t say it’s glorious but at this time of year we do have a lot of it about. Unsurprisingly with it being such a prevalent substance it’s acquired many local names and terms to describe its differing states. This array doesn't go as...

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