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The Importance of Woodland

We have sheep - lots of them.  We also have goats and, in the future, we hope to extend our flerd to include cattle too.  One factor that links all of these livestock is their preference for eating trees.  Now as Village Farm's resident woodman (and thus the one who...

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Bringing back a lost coastal breed of sheep.

When deciding on a breed of sheep to manage at Village Farm we delved back into the Devon and Cornish history books and from the 18th century we found … At that time they were described as being ….. As for grazing, they inhabited remarkably similar coastal terrain to...

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It’s the Beginning of Lamb Box Season.

It's that time of year ago when we start taking orders for our seasonal, slow grown, 100% pasture and herb fed "Coastal Shearling Lamb" and this year our "Maritime Mutton" boxes. Here's a bit more info. Traceability is Key. Unlike lamb from any of the supermarkets you...

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The last day is equally as important.

We take the view that to be a high welfare farm means that ethos is taken right through to the very end. That’s why we took the decision against selling live animals to the open market because we do not wish our animals to disappear into the opaque food chain where...

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Pulse/Mob grazing – Why we think it’s better wildlife

The ways our farm differs from others is sometimes best explained in what we don't do, rather than what we actually do. The "what we don't do list" is quite long so not to bore you today here's just a few. We don't cut hay or silage for our animals. We don't barn our...

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Vole Lawns

We found this amazingly long chain of holes in our pasture made by field vole/s. Field voles love pasture *thatch and will create their maze of burrows through and within it. The voles main food is vegetation and seed but due to them being pretty much the prey of most...

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The warmth of trees

There was a very heavy frost this morning, so heavy the sheep woke up with a thick dusting of ice crystals on their backs. As they rose they left warm "snoozy patches"(as we call them) dotted across the frozen pasture where they'd been resting. We've often wonder what...

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Flerd Timelapse

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTYfL11yxsE Today we moved the flerd to our most NE corner field on the farm - here is a little 18sec time-lapse of their arrival - best watched fullscreen and in HD 🙂 Posted by D

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Westcountry Squab Pie – Village Farm style

We're cooking Westcountry Squab Pie tonight with very our own Village Farm Mutton. As the old folk rhyme goes.. "Mutton, onions, apples and dough, Make a good pie as any I know." If you haven't heard of it Squab pie was very popular in the 19th Century and as one...

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Badger Gardening

Badgers are forever turning over patches of our pasture in their hunt for earthworms and small rodents. But rather than see this as a negative we've thought laterally by utilising their digging to sow wild flower/herb seed we've gathered into the pasture. We cast the...

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How we measure for earthworms

Measuring for earthworms is a quick and easy way to establish the health of our pasture soils. Basic rule of thumb is the more earthworms the healthier the soil. This is how we do it. Measure off one square foot of pasture, take a pair of trimmers and cut off the...

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Planting trees

Spent a beautiful afternoon going into dusk planting out our first shelter belt. The weather's been calm, we watched the moon rise from the east and the only sound has been our tomfoolery and the occasional call of a snipe and whimbrel as they've flown over.

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Sprouting Baby Lucerne Trees

Tim has been propagating tagasaste seeds. They're a fun seed to germinate because you have to pour boiling water on the seed then watch them swell up. If you haven't hard of it, Tagasaste is a popular favourite with farmers, smallholders and permculturalists in...

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