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Mud, working in it most days I wouldn’t say it’s glorious but at this time of year we do have a lot of it about.

Unsurprisingly with it being such a prevalent substance it’s acquired many local names and terms to describe its differing states.

This array doesn’t go as far as the famed Sami’s 40 words to describe snow, but still…..

Devon and Cornish muddy terms.

Mux- Clean mud with no dung in it

Slottery- Wet watery mud

Sliddery- Slippy top film of mud on a field

Clodgey- Sticky heavy mud

Cadged-up – Seized up in mud

Scrapt- Mud that’s slightly frozen

Lagged – When you’re plastered in the stuff.

Groots- Small pieces of dried mud either on clothing or stuck to the coat of a horse or cow.

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