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Our Animals

The Maritime Flock

When first taking on this farm it was clear we had little shelter and the soils on a large part of the farm were too poor to sustain any heavy livestock, such as cattle.  Being relatively lightweight and coming with their own portable shelter on their backs (wool!), sheep seemed the natural choice.

Owing to our coastal windswept landscape we’ve bred a very hardy sheep by crossing several ancient lines together.

Our flock graze happily out on our organic salt pasture all year round.  We believe animals deserve a happy and peaceful life so we don’t shout at our flock nor do we use dogs to herd, nor quad bikes or any vehicle to push or chase.  Instead we’ve built a relationship with our flock where they happily follow us knowing we’re going to lead them to fresh pasture.

When treating an animal for ill health our practice is to move and talk as gently as possible so as not to scare or frighten.

We also differ from other farms in our belief to not force wean our lambs from their ewe mothers; instead we keep the flock together throughout their lives and allow the weaning to happen naturally.  We only lamb in late Spring and allow our animals to grow at a natural rate following the seasons of the year.

We should also mention that because we purposely breed sheep with naturally short tails we don’t dock our lambs.

Our flock is moved daily onto fresh diverse pasture and when doing so we check their health and chat to them.  It’s our ethos that if you are going to raise an animal for meat then they deserve the best possible life you can give them.

Between the high welfare husbandry, the crossing of ancient rare breeds and the diet of diverse coastal herbs and flowers we know you will taste the difference when you try our lamb, hogget and mutton.


Pastured Salty Sea Hogs

Our pigs live out on our coastal pasture.  Indeed, when we say they are organic and free-ranging on pasture we mean they trot about on rich, organic, green leafy pasture and are not hidden away on a cold, wet, and muddy plot.

We check on our pigs every day, where we chat to them and give them a little scratch and tickle, make sure they’re content and all their needs are met.

In the summer they get a portable wallow to cool off in and in the winter and cold they get plenty of hay in their arks so they can make snug cozy beds.

Our pigs have never needed any medical intervention and are 100% antibiotic free. We believe this is because of their pampered free-ranging lifestyle; we’ve always said ‘happy as a pig on pasture’. They’ve been on pasture their whole lives; 98% of their diet consists of pure coastal herbage, which they graze at their leisure. Owing to this diet, rich in plant-based Omega-3, the fats, and therefore the taste, are considerably richer and healthier than those of even a free-range organic pig that’s been fed on grain or GM soya. They are indeed true pasture fed pigs.

We strongly believe if you’re going to raise pigs then they have to be happy chaps.

We are hoping to sell our first pork boxes autumn 2017.

We whole-heartedly support Farms Not Factories.

Coast Goats

Goats have had a long relationship with the uncultivated mining and coastal districts of both Devon and Cornwall. Known locally as the ‘poor man’s cow’ they flourish where the herbage is wild and rough scrubland cloaks the landscape. Classically, their kids were fattened for Michaelmas and Christmas feasts.

Today, our goats are neither milked nor their kids fattened, they are employed solely for their land clearance abilities.

We have very steep, uncultivated areas on the farm; scarily steep to cut by tractor or hand, so we use the goats as bramble and scrub control.

What they nibble for free they save us in use of machinery and petrol, in addition they fertilize the soil as they go.

The Old English goat is our breed of choice due to their hardiness. Our goats live outside year round, moving from one scrub area to the next, clearing as they go.

They are very much thought of as the wilful rogues of the farm.


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