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Fighting Climate Change

How we’re fighting climate change

Fighting Climate Change

There are three direct actions we have implemented on the farm to fight climate change.

The first two are quite straightforward – first we have de-mechanised our farming practices, doing away with big tractors and much machinery and in doing so we have vastly reduced our on farm fuel bill, measuring our diesel use purely in ‘jerry cans worth’ rather than 1000’s of litres of diesel which is normal farming way.

Added to this we have hand planted over 15 thousand native sapling across the land; each generously donated to us by the Woodland Trust. As these young trees grow so it works to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and lock it back down.


But our biggest carbon bank is the farm’s soils.

By working closely with Rothamsted Research we’re aiming to sequester 1000’s of tons of carbon back into our organic soils.

Our way of achieving this is by simply managing our grazing to as closely as possible resemble that of natural herd or flock in the wild.

Follow nature and she always teaches you.

If you’d like to read about our climate change fight, please click here.

Fighting Climate Change


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