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Meet the Village Farm Team

The village farm team is a little different from the norm.  Only one of us is from Devon farming stock, the rest are environmental specialists.

We like to say “we have a lot of  ‘ologies’ working here.”  We have a zoologist, two ecologists, a marine biologist and an agro-ecologist, this is us.


The ethos of Village Farm was born out of firsthand experience.

For me it was being brought up in a farming family and realizing from an early age that our countryside was divided into two main areas, namely where we produced food and where we preserved wildlife. Sadly, whenever more food was needed so nature always lost and wild areas were taken.

It’s little wonder with this mentality that our wildlife in this country is in deep decline.

So for me the goal of Village Farm was to intertwine the production of incredible tasting food while creating and maintaining diverse habitat for as many wild species as possible, a wildlife haven.

Today, I seem to do a bit of everything but I guess where others in the team have a natural leaning towards ground work my inclination is more to the animal husbandry. I do also love to plant a tree or two hundred in an afternoon.

In other farm roles I’m more often than not your first point of contact when you get in touch with us.


There is an assumption of continuity and progress in human culture where the future will unfold as a steadily evolving variation on the present. For me, there are only two constants I’d be willing to bet on; our continuing animal desire to reproduce and our need to eat. There may be fashions in food but food is not a fashion.

With that in mind, using food production and farming as a dependable vehicle to pursue my own selfish goals seems like an obvious and logical choice.

There is truth in the jest that “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”. As we climb to ever-steeper gradients on the exponential curve of human endeavour, the “good old days” get closer and closer to our heels.

Despite the cold war and financial hedonism, the 1980’s to me were a time of buddleia’s drooping under the weight of butterflies, armies of starlings decimating bird tables and the need to regularly scrape dead insects from your car number plate to make it legal.

My selfish goals at Village Farm are to bring these back rather than commit them forever to the bin of nostalgia.

My role on the farm is nebulous. I fix stuff, I invent things and I channel my inner nerd to strive to understand the ecological intrigue that farming with nature throws at us.

In loving memory of Tim Green  22.11.74 – 10.02.17


I run Cliff Veg at Village Farm; the Maritime Market Garden and The Glass House Pop Up.

I have always loved food. Over the years it has developed from eating well, to cooking well and now to growing well.

Great flavours begin with an understanding of the soil. A chef has a duty to be actively involved from seed to table, selecting for flavour over all else.

My journey has brought me here via beach side lectures and rainforests, via galleys on yachts and bookshops; it is truly wonderful to have found a place that ties all my passions together that is motivated solely by the need to regenerate the landscape.


As a forester & woodsman you quickly realise that your life’s work is a fine balance between reaping the benefits of our ancestors & the responsibility for providing an inheritance for generations to come.

As such, I’ve come to an understanding that people are an integral part of nature conservation and it’s our story i.e. our beliefs, our ethics and how we cohabit with Nature that truly makes conservation work.

With 20 years of practical conservation and applied ecology now under my belt I truly believe we can only bring about the fundamental changes needed to heal the world by embracing and encouraging a global society that enshrines the intrinsic value of Nature at its core. To this end, I’ve become a passionate advocate & practitioner of connecting people to their nature and the need to preserve & promote ‘wildness’ within our culture.

Here at Village Farm I’m usually found fighting the daily fires & keeping the ship sailing on towards calm waters – but my heart will always belong with the trees.


I work with the colonies of native black honeybees which reside on the farm. In joining the team, I couldn’t resist climbing aboard the emblematic boat depicted in the farm logo, stowing native honeybee genetics and fistfuls of wild flower seed to carry into a future where the land is made good and we have learnt to take its lead.

Becoming disillusioned with international development and environmental policy at university, I found solace in food. Not through comfort eating, but as a tangible meeting point of culture and our literal consumption of the world.

Whilst managing farmers markets in London I was alarmed by reports of a pollinator crisis so went on to work with a pioneering urban beekeeper on iconic London rooftops. Curious to understand more about the forces shaping our landscapes and beleaguering our bees, I moved to Devon to study Ecological Food Systems at Schumacher College and met Village Farm.

I am interested in minimal input beekeeping, emulating wild bee colonies and the synergistic opportunities of our land use choices.


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