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Why Organic & Pasturefed?

What is pasture fed for life and why be certified?

Folks often assume that cattle and sheep just eat grass. But it’s far more common for farm animals to be fed grain and imported soya, which both have a massive carbon footprint compared to pasture with grows here naturally.

Pasture fed

The reason sheep and cattle are fed so much grain these days is so the farmer can get them to gain weight as quickly as possible and this is far quicker than is natural or good for them.

Cattle and sheep are classed as herbivores and in their evolutionary history have never eaten grain in any quantity. As such, they are not adapted to digesting it, making their stomachs overly acidic and the animal suffers from something akin to constant heartburn.

As well as not being good for the animal, by feeding grain to cattle and sheep many studies have shown it actually changes the profile of their fats.


An animal eating a diet with cereal grains or soya has high omega 6 levels in its fat. Whereas an animal on a pure pasture based diet has a far higher omega 3 level in its fat.

If you’re not familiar with the omegas, omega 3 is the good fat your doctor recommends you eat and is found in oily fish such as mackerel.

Omega 6 is found in vegetable oil and in the western diet we have far too much omega 6 compared to omega 3 to be good for us.

Pasture fed

So why be “Pasture for Life” certified?

Pig & Sheep

Well if you look you will see lots of adverts for grass-fed, but by law to qualify your animals as grass fed, only 60% of their diet has to be grass. Meaning the other 40% is still cereal grains, soya and other high protein feed, causing the animal discomfort and the fats to contain too much omega 6, so not great.

But being pasture fed for life means our animals just eat our farm’s salt laden grasses, coastal herbs and flowers, and that’s it. No grain, no imported GMO soya.

We are certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association; the only acting 100% pasture fed body in the UK.

So who buys meat from us because of these assurances?

Simply put, anyone who wishes to eat naturally nutritious food that has thought a bit about where the meat has come from.

We get many folks with a history of allergies that buy from us due to our meat being raised on pure grass, we also get many folks on a paleo diet buy from us for the same reason.

But most of all, our customers are people who want healthy and enjoyable, good food and are assured of where it comes from.

We make the promise that all the produce we advertise on this site is actually from the 175 acres that is Village Farm.



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