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Our Wildlife

Our Wildlife

The wildlife on this farm holds an incredible importance to all of the farm team.

Through each of our careers before arriving at the farm we have witnessed the plight and decline of wild species. The preservation of as much British wildlife as possible is a key factor behind the concept of Village Farm’s business plan.

We wish to be a business that’s merit is not just measured on our economic success but also our environmental and ecological success too.



To briefly describe the varied species that reside here we have many of those found traditionally on farmland, such as skylarks, hares, kestrels, hedgehogs and harvest mice.

However, it does get interesting on this farm because we have the Kingsbridge estuary on two sides of the land, which leads to waders and wildfowl such as shelduck, snipe and the odd curlew feeding or roosting in our fields.


With the sea to the south of the land, it makes our fields an important port of call for many migratory birds and insects crossing in and out from mainland Europe which are in turn, food for many of the falcons, hawks and owls that live here.

We’re very lucky to commonly witness merlins, hobbies, short-eared owls and peregrines hunting in the skies above us.

Cirl Bunting


Our farm is also situated in cirl bunting central. Nationally cirl buntings are only found in a few areas of coastal Devon and Cornwall.

We’re very lucky here, because of the hard work of the RSPB with farmers such as ourselves, cirl buntings are ten-a-penny, while elsewhere they can’t be found.


But these few species listed are only a tiny percent of the actual wildlife that we actually share this landscape with.

If we are to include insects, plant species and soil life then we share this land with ten of thousands of different fellows.

All of them working to keep this land healthy and in balance, and the goal for us homo-sapiens is to keep building a more diverse habitat from the soil up so to increase life on this land in all it’s forms.

Diverse habitat


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