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Badger & Fox Friendly

Badger & Fox Friendly

All wildlife on this farm is protected.  Yet due to their charisma and much debated persecution we’re just going to briefly focus on our badgers and foxes.

Badger at Village Farm


In 2016 it was announced that this area of South Devon had become the latest government mislead badger cull zone, the killing to be carried out by the local farmers and landowners.

We view the culls as deeply unscientific and as studies have already proven it’s actually making TB outbreaks worse in cull areas not better.

So we at Village Farm decided to make a stand and not join.

In fact we worked hard to protect our badgers and with the generous help of the general public one of the most substantial actions we took was to install 30 hidden night-vision cameras across our land to catch anyone trespassing with the intent of harming our wildlife.

The cull is now an annual autumn event intended to last for the next four years; we will carry on protecting our badgers for as long as it takes.

Foxes at Village Farm


Traditionally the farmer’s foe, foxes at Village Farm are very much our friends and have an important ecological role on the farm and actually directly save us money.

You see foxes love to eat rabbits and rabbits love to eat pasture, the same pasture our sheep need to eat. In fact 7 rabbits will eat the same amount of pasture as one sheep, so a healthy fox out hunting rabbits is a very good thing for our flock.

A famous study carried out by Oxford University established that a single fox in its lifetime (depending how long it lived) is worth  £156 – £886 a farmer through their rabbit predating abilities.

Thanks to hidden cameras installed for our badgers our foxes now have the same level of protection.


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