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How You Can Help Wildlife

How You Can Help Wildlife

The key driving motivation of Village Farm is to create habitats for more wildlife. As such, people do offer to support the wildlife work we’re doing on this farm, but they don’t necessarily want to buy a lamb box. Even though our lamb boxes are incredibly delicious, we do understand this.

So we’ve opened up this page where you can directly help the farm’s wildlife and where your money will solely be spent on wildlife.

Rather than just raise a total sum that we would then divvy up into different wildlife projects, we wanted to give you the choice of how you’d like your money to be spent across this landscape, whether it is for habitat creation, planting new trees, shrubs, wildflowers, or for nest boxes and other conservation projects.

If you connect with us on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you can follow us and watch to see the landscape change.

Enable us to Buy Trees


To plant trees in our new woodlands and to fund their aftercare to ensure they grow over the years.


  • 1 Tree: £4.00
  • 5 Trees: £20.00
  • 10 Trees: £40.00
  • 50 Trees: £200.00
  • 100 Trees: £400.00

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Enable us to Buy Coastal Wildflower Seed

Wild Flower Seeds

To buy coastal wildflower seed so we can sow it across more of the field pastures:


  • A Sprinkle: £4.80
  • A Strip of Pasture: £35.00
  • A Paddock: £60.00
  • A Field: £120.00

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Enable us to Create New Ponds and Waterways

Create ponds & waterways

To create new ponds and waterways across the farm, using the local, friendly digger driver:


  • An hours work: £40.00
  • Two hours work: £80.00
  • Half a days work: £175.00

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Share in the Purchase of a Wild Seed Harvester

Seed Harvester

To buy a share in the most important bit of kit we can possibly have on the farm, a wild seed harvester. This way we can collect and spread our own wild flower seed:


  • Option 1: £20.00
  • Option 2: £50.00
  • Option 3: £100.00

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Provide Nest Boxes for our Farm Birds and Bats

Bird Box

Bird Box


Bat Box

Bat Box


Kestrel Box

Kestrel Box



The concept of this page is dedicated to the memory of co-founder and co-director of Village Farm, our friend Tim Green.

To read more about Tim please click here.


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