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Farming With Nature

Farming with Nature

Farming With Nature

This is a simple ethos of viewing our farm as a living, breathing ecosystem and our farm boundary is viewed as our ecosystem’s porous edge where any gas, liquid or solid leaving the land has to be beneficial to the greater biome and where any animal, bird, insect, seed or nutrient is most welcome.

By understanding that our land is an ecosystem, no longer do we view our wildlife as weeds, pests, vermin, or game. Similarly we no longer view our livestock or crops as qualitatively different; simply put, all we have on our land is species.

Yes we have ‘domestic species’ that we sell to create an income, but to keep those domestic species healthy and happy we need the wild ones just as much, giving equal importance to all because, as we know, to have a healthy ecosystem you need great abundance, diversity of life and a haven for all.


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