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Uniting foodies & wildlife lovers

Take pride in producing beautiful food


At first glance food lovers and wildlife enthusiasts may seem like two disparate groups but actually they have a lot of common ground, namely our countryside and how it’s used.

We have a little saying on this farm,  ‘With your knife and fork you hold such power, you can change landscapes”. It holds true because 75% of the UK is farmland; how it’s looks, what is grown and how much wildlife is destroyed or saved is completely governed by what we all choose to put on our plate each day.

So at Village Farm we wish to empower your food choices, we promise to produce food that works to save and increase native species, to regenerate soils and make this farm a wildlife haven.

But to do this we have to produce food which is not just good, it’s outstanding. It has to be packed full of nutritional goodness, it has to be a joy to cook and eat but most of all it has to utterly delicious.

We take pride in producing beautiful food that works to regenerate nature. It’s food you can feel good about eating in every way.


Village Farm Organics
Church Park
East Portlemouth

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