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With lambing at it’s end we’ve moved the flock out of our lambing fields, which are on the high flat part of the farm that we call ‘Hilltop’ (this area has now been left to the skylarks to build their nests and raise their young).
The flock is now grazing the steep pastures that run down to the estuary ‘the North slopes’ as we’ve named them.
Here in the lee of the hill from the salt winds spring is truly in full swing and flora is far more in keeping with what you’d find inland.
When we first arrived in spring of 2014 we noticed a couple of early purple orchids on these slopes.
When the flock came to grazing this area we popped an electric fence around those flowers so to protect them and allow them to go to seed.
Last year, when it came to this time of year we noticed more orchids in flower and once again did the same.DSC_0557
Now we’re back in these same fields and the orchids have once again increased in number, there are easily over 40 of them.
So yesterday Emma and I took an hour out of our day to fence off the orchids from the flock.
It’s wonderful to see the massive increase in this species in such a sort time by using such a simple practice.
On the next rotation of the grazing we’ll allow our animals to graze this area and spread the ripe seed.DSC_0583

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